It's early in the morning on a bright, late-summer Tuesday when the "Avengers, assemble!" order comes through over JARVIS' speaker system. You groan, roll over in bed (shut up, you didn't get a weekend, you can have a goddamn Tuesday) and hit the mute button on the alarm, but of course, it's not the alarm that's going off.

You report to the conference room where everyone is already gathered (glaring at you, but hey, whatever, Fury has no right to assemble everyone on your day off).

"Agent Woo has been taken," Fury says without preamble. "I need all of you on the retrieval team. This one is big."

You look around the room.  The other Avengers are all nodding already, but it's you Fury is looking at like he expects you to say no.  That's when it dawns on you that he's actually waiting for you to say something.

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